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Оноо: 1

ODD ONE OUT: Choose the odd one out.


  • A. pilot    

  • B. tennis 

  • C. artist   

  • D. chef

Оноо: 1

ODD ONE OUT: Choose the odd one out.


  • A. ski    

  • B. jump     

  • C. chair    

  • D. cook

Оноо: 1

ODD ONE OUT: Choose the odd one out.


  • A. pillows  

  • B. cooker   

  • C. beds    

  • D. lamps

Оноо: 1

ODD ONE OUT: Choose the odd one out.


  • A. wool      

  • B. boots 

  • C. cotton    

  • D. leather

Оноо: 1

ODD ONE OUT: Choose the odd one out.


  • A. leather   

  • B. dress 

  • C. shorts      

  • D. skirt

Оноо: 1

ODD ONE OUT: Choose the odd one out.


  • A. milk   

  • B. coffee 

  • C. tie    

  • D. orange juice

Оноо: 1

ODD ONE OUT: Choose the odd one out.


  • A. hospital   

  • B. zoo  

  • C. take   

  • D. factory

Оноо: 1

ODD ONE OUT: Choose the odd one out.


  • A. comedy 

  • B. ferry  

  • C. action  

  • D. adventure

Оноо: 1

ODD ONE OUT: Choose the odd one out.


  • A. screen  

  • B. cough   

  • C. backache  

  • D. rash

Оноо: 5

Read and choose the correct answer.

For many years people believed that the cleverest animals after man were chimpanzees. Now, however, there is proof that dolphins may be even cleverer than these big apes. Although a dolphin lives in the sea it is not a fish. It is a mammal. It is in many ways, therefore, like a human being.

Dolphins have a simple language. They are able to talk to one another. It may be possible for man to learn how to talk to dolphins. But this will not be easy because dolphins cannot hear the kind of sounds man can make. If man wants to talk to dolphins, therefore, he will have to make a third language which both he and the dolphins can understand.

Dolphins are also very friendly towards man. They often follow ships. There are many stories of dolphins guiding ships through difficult and dangerous water.

Which animals do people think may be the cleverest?

  • A.Chimpanzees

  • B.Mammals

  • C.Big apes

  • D.Dolphins

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

What other beings are dolphins like in many ways?

  • A. Fish

  • B. Animals

  • C. Reptiles

  • D. Men

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

What have scientists discovered about dolphins?

  • A. They understand simple language.

  • B. They can speak to one another.

  • C. Men can now talk to them.

  • D. They can teach men their languages.

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

Why is the third language necessary if man wants to talk to dolphins?

  • A. Most men do not speak English.

  • B. The dolphin language is hard to learn.

  • C. Dolphins cannot hear men speaking.

  • D. Men want to talk to dolphins in secret.

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

In what way are dolphins are friendly to man?

  • A. They like interesting things about man.

  • B. They often follow ships.

  • C. They often jump on to ships.

  • D. They seem like stories.

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1
Оноо: 5

Read and choose the correct answer.

Bison have not always lived in North America, they are relative newcomers. They belong to the Bovidae family, like domestic cattle and wild buffalo of Africa and Asia. The oldest known bison fossils have been found in China and Himalayan foothills, where an animal with all the essential features of the genus lived a million years ago. They evolved rapidly and spread over most of the northern hemisphere in Europe and Siberia.

During one of the Ice Ages, the faunas of Asia and North America began to intermingle. Very early, the steppe bison moved eastward to the North American continent. Much later, men followed the same route.

Which of the following would be the most appropriate title for the passage?

  • A.The classification of Asian and North American fauna

  • B.A hypothesis of the evolution of the bison

  • C.An analysis of the bison genus in the Bovidae family

  • D.An introduction to the North American bison

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

According to the passage, what is true about the evolution of the bison?

  • A.Their ancestors were domestic cattle and wild buffalo

  • B.They evolved from the steppe bison.

  • C.Their beginning was in Africa and Asia.

  • DThey originated in China and in the Himalayas.

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

According to the passage, when did the bison move to North America?

  • A.Over a million years ago

  • B.Early in man’s habitation of North America.

  • C.During one of the Ice Age.

  • D.Relative recently in North American history.

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

According to the passage, the bison moved from Asia to North America by

  • A.crossing the sea.

  • B.climbing over a bridge.

  • C.travelling through the foothills.

  • D.walking over the land.

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

The passage would most likely be assigned reading for courses in which of the following subjects?

  • A.American history

  • B.Modern science

  • C.Zoology

  • D.Anthropology

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Оноо: 5

Read and choose the correct answer.

Wonder dog pulls owner from the car crash.

Endal the wonder dog, already named Dog of the Millennium and Brightest dog on Earth, made national news headlines again yesterday after a car hit the owner’s wheelchair outside of a hotel.

In 1991, Allen Parton was sitting outside the hotel when the speeding car threw him from his chair and knocked him out. While he was unconscious, Endal rolled him over with his teeth into the recovery position. After this he got a blanket from his bag and covered him with it! The dog then got Allen’s mobile phone out of his bag and held the phone up to his face. Finally he ran back to the hotel and barked until people came out to help. Allen didn’t know that Endal could do any of these things. Mister Parton was disabled from the tragic accident. For years now , Endal has been everything to him: his best friend, his banker, his travel agent, his home help and many other things. “ He even buys the ticket on the bus and collects it from the machine” says Allen. “ He has helped me in so many ways”

Endal made the headlines again when

  • A. a hotel worker hit his owner.

  • B. his owner was in an accident.

  • C .he became “Brightest dog” on Earth.

  • D. he was unconscious

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

When the accident happened, Allen

  • A. was just arriving at a hotel.

  • B. was sitting outside of a hotel.

  • C. was at a dog show.

  • D. was news headlines.

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

The first thing Endal did after the accident was

  • A. roll Allen over and cover him with a blanket.

  • B. run back to the hotel and get help

  • C. get Allen’s mobile phone from the bag.

  • D. barked until people came out

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

Endal is important to Allen because

  • A. he buys his ticket on the bus.

  • B. he’s a very friendly dog.

  • C. he helps him with many things.

  • D. he collects the tickets.

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

“ speeding” means

  • A. fast

  • B. slow

  • C. quiet

  • D. disabled

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1
Оноо: 5

Read and choose the correct answer.

Pacific Coast Highway 1

One of the best ways to see California is on a road trip.

One of the most impressive is along the Pacific coast on Highway 1.

Stop 1: Ride up and down San Francisco’s steep streets on a cable car. Don’t miss a visit to see the most popular sight in the city, the Golden Gate Bridge.

Stop 2: Drive along the “ Big Sur” coastline with its spectacular cliffs and sandy beaches. Look out for the ancient Redwood trees, the oldest trees in the world. Some of them are up to 2,000 years old and they are as tall as skyscrapers!

Stop 3: Stop and see the elephant seals at Piedras Blancas. Their breeding season is from December to February. Then the females go to Alaska to give birth to their pups and return in the autumn.

Stop 4: Last stop – Hearst Castle! This fairytale mansion has 165 rooms including 56 bedrooms and 61 bathrooms. There is also a cinema, two swimming pools and beautiful gardens. You can even see zebras there.

Cable cars are the most popular sight in San Francisco.

  • A. True 

  • B. False             

  • C. Doesn’t say

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

There are skyscrapers along the Big Sur coastline.

  • A. True

  • B. False

  • C. Doesn’t say

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

Elephant seal pups are born in Alaska.

  • A. True

  • B. False

  • C. Doesn’t say

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

There are wild animals at Hearst Castle.

  • A. True

  • B. False

  • C. Doesn’t say

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

Lots of tourists visit Hearst Castle.

  • A. True

  • B. False

  • C. Doesn’t say

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1
Оноо: 5

Read and choose the correct answer.

Life in Tudor Times.

The six powerful Tudor kings and queens ruled England from 1485- 1603. The most famous king was Henry VIII, who married six times and beheaded two of wives. It was one of the most exciting times in Britain history but whether you rich or

poor, life could be very difficult.

Rich Tudors lived in fine houses with many rooms and big windows. Poor country people lived in small wooden houses with mud floors. In the towns, the streets were narrow, gloomy and crowded, which made it easy for criminals to steal from shops and people. Wealthy people and noblemen owned land or even helped The King or Queen to rule the country. Most people, however, were poor and worked in the countryside. Slightly rich people worked as craftsmen and merchants in the towns. Tudor shops had picture signs outside to show people what they sold, as many people could not read.

In Tudor times rich people often held huge banquets where they ate far too much. They had quite an unhealthy diet as they ate lots of very salty meat from the animals they owned or hunted. They also ate very little fruit, vegetable, milk, butter and eggs as they thought these foods were only suitable for poor people to eat.

It was the law that every man had to practice archery every Sunday morning! Rich people liked to fence and play tennis while ordinary people played games like bowls, hockey and football or went to the theatre. William Shakespeare lived in Tudor times. His plays are still performed all over the world.

Who lived in nice houses with a lot of rooms and big windows?

  • A. Poor people

  • B. The Queen

  • C. Rich Tudor

  • D. Craftsmen

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

What did rich people eat in the banquets?

  • A. fruit, vegetable and milk

  • B. eggs and vegetables

  • C. salty meat

  • D. fruit and milk

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

How did noblemen help to the King or Queen?

  • A. owned land

  • B. worked in the countryside

  • C. worked in the town

  • D. ruled the country

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

Why did Tudors shops have picture signs outside the shop?

  • A. Because many people could not read

  • B. Because many people could not buy

  • C. Because many people could not sell

  • D. Because many people could not show

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

What was the law every Sunday?

  • A. practice fencing

  • B. practice tennis

  • C. practice hockey

  • D. practice archery

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1
Оноо: 5

Read and choose the correct answer.

World language

Today, millions of people want to learn to improve their English but it is difficult to find the best method. Is it better to study in Britain or America or to study in your own country?

The advantages of going to Britain seem obvious. Firstly, you will be able to listen to the language all the time you are in the country. You will be surrounded completely by the language wherever you go. Another advantage is that you have to speak the language if you are with other people. In Italy, it is always possible, in the class, to speak Italian if you want to and the learning is slower.

On the other hand, there are also advantages to staying at home to study. You don’t have to make big changes to your life. As well as this, it is also a lot of cheaper than going to Britain but it is never possible to achieve the results of living in the UK. If you have a good teacher in Italy, I think you can learn in a more concentrated way than being in Britain without going to a school.

So, in conclusion, I think that if you have enough time and enough money, the best choice is to spend some time in the UK. This is simply not possible for most people, so being here in Italy is the only viable option. The most important thing to do in this situation is to maximize your opportunities: to speak only English in class and to try to use English whenever possible outside the class.

What is the article about?

  • A. How many people learn English.

  • B. The best way to learn English.

  • C. English schools in England and America.

  • D. How to travel to Italy.

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

What is one of the advantages of going to the UK to learn English?

  • A. There are no Italians in Britain.

  • B. You will have to speak English and not your language.

  • C. The language schools are better.

  • D. There are many chances.

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

What is one of the advantages of staying in your country to learn English?

  • A. The teachers aren’t very good in Britain.

  • B. You have to work too hard in Britain.

  • C. Your life can continue more or less as it was before.

  • D. You have a big chance.

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

People who don’t have a lot of time and money should

  • A. learn English in Britain.

  • B. try and speak English in class more often.

  • C. go to Italy to learn English.

  • D. go to your country.

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

“ whenever” means

  • A. every time that a particular thing happens

  • B. position or situation which happens

  • C. wanted or needed

  • D. it does not matter who does something

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1
Оноо: 1

Дараах нэгдлүүдээс аль нь мөнгөний оксидын аммиакийн уусмалтай урвалд орох вэ?

  • A. бут-1-ен

  • B. бут-2-ен

  • C. бут-1-ин

  • D. бут-2-ин

Оноо: 1

Урвалаар үүсэх бүтээгдэхүүн бодис Х-ийг тодорхойлно уу.

  • A. Пропанон  

  • B. Пропаналь

  • C. Пропен-2-ол

  • D. Пропаны хүчил

Оноо: 1

Явагдсан урвалыг нэрлэнэ үү.

  • A. Гидрогенжих урвал

  • B. Гидрaтацийн урвал

  • C. Дегидрaтацийн урвал

  • D. Дегидрогенжих урвал     

Оноо: 5

Read and choose the correct answer.

Is it a bird? Is it plane? No, it’s a jet pod!

Fed up sitting in traffic in the morning rush hour? Well, for London’s tired workers this may no longer be a problem. In a few years, “ flying taxis” or “ jet pods” may be a common sight in the skies of London. Commuters can park their cars at a “ Park – and – Fly” site and catch one of these miniature planes to work. Around 6 -6 minutes later, the planes will land on short runways in central London. The runways could be above rivers, railway stations or roads.

The inventors of the “ jet pod” test flight could take place very soon. Each plane can carry 7 passengers and will probably cost about £15 one way for each passenger. It is quiet and environmentally friendly and will take about 37,000 cars off the road.

So what do London commuters think of “ jet pod” ? Well, Ken Williams, businessman in the City of London , thinks it is a great idea. “ This is exactly what London needs” he says.

I will definitely be first in the queue when the “ jet pod” starts!

What is a common sight in the skies of London?

  • A. Commuters

  • B. People

  • C. Jet pods

  • D. Tired workers

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

How long will the planes land after?

  • A. in 4-6 minutes

  • B. before 4-6 minutes

  • C. 4 – 6 minutes ago

  • D. till 4 -6 minutes

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

The runways could be above

  • A. railway stations

  • B. rivers

  • C. roads

  • D. railway stations, rivers or roads

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

How much does it cost one way?

  • A. 15 Dollars

  • B. 15 Pounds

  • C. 15 Cents

  • D. 15 Euros

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1

Who says “ This is exactly London needs” ?

  • A. Businessman

  • B. Businessmen

  • C. Businesswoman

  • D. Businesswomen

Дээрх даалгаврын оноо : 1
Оноо: 1

гэсэн хувирлын шат бүрт үүсэх А, В бодисыг нэрлэнэ үү.

  • А.  ксилол, бензойны хүчил

  •  В. толуол, бензойны хүчил    

  • С. хлорбензол, бензойны хүчил

  • D. хлорбензол, пентаны хүчил

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