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Оноо: 1

Mark _____into the army next year.

  • A. was going

  • B. goes

  • C. will go

  • D. will be go

Оноо: 1

A policeman _____ me crossing the street yesterday.

  • A. seen

  • B. saw

  • C. has seen

  • D. had seen

Оноо: 1

Last Monday when I ______the house it ______ heavily.

  • A. leave/rain

  • B. left/ was raining

  • C. left/ had rained

  • D. was leaving/ rained

Оноо: 1

It was _____music I have ever heard.

  • A. more beautiful

  • B. less beautiful

  • C.the most beautiful

  • D. most beautiful

Оноо: 1

English grammar is _______than Russian one.

  • A. easy

  • B. easier

  • C. as easy as

  • D. not so easy

Оноо: 1

It is much _____ to speak English than to understand.

  • A. -

  • B. the most difficult

  • C. more difficult

  • D. difficult

Оноо: 1

Venus is the _______planet to the earth.

  • A. far

  • B. nearest

  • C. farther

  • D. near

Оноо: 1

She arrives at work much _____than anyone else.

  • A. earliest

  • B. the earliest

  • C. earlier

  • D. as early as

Оноо: 1

______a foreign language you can _____ great opportunities in your life.

  • A. Know/ have

  • B.Knowing/ to have

  • C. Knowing/ have

  • D. Knows/ having

Оноо: 1

“ May I speak to Dr.Terry, please?” “ I’m sorry, he ______a patient at the moment. Can I help you?”

  • A. is seeing

  • B. sees

  • C. has been seeing

  • D. was seeing

Оноо: 1

“When are you going to ask your boss for a raise?” “________ to her twice already! I don’t think she wants to give me one.”

  • A. I’ve talked

  • B. I’ve been talking

  • C. I was talking

  • D. I’d talked

Оноо: 1

George, could you please turn off the stoves? The potatoes ______for at least thirty minutes.

  • A. are boiling

  • B. boiling

  • C. have been boiling

  • D. were boiling

Оноо: 1

“Is it true that spaghetti wasn'toriginated in Italy?” “Yes. The Chinese _____spaghetti dishes for a long time before Marco Polo brought it back to Italy.”

  • A. have been making

  • B. have made

  • C. had been making

  • D. make

Оноо: 1

“ I once saw a turtle that had wings. The turtle flew into the air to catch insects.” “Stop kidding. I _____you!”

  • A. don’t believe

  • B. am not believing

  • C. didn’t believe

  • D. wasn’t believing

Оноо: 1

My family loves this house. It ______the family home ever since my grandfather built it 60 years ago.

  • A. was

  • B. has been

  • C. is

  • D. will be

Оноо: 1

Here’s an interesting statistic. On a typical day, the average person _____about 48,000 words. How many words did you speak today?

  • A. spoke

  • B.was speaking

  • C. speaks

  • D. is speaking

Оноо: 1

I know you feel bad now, Tim, but try to put it out of your mind. By the time you’re an adult, you______ all about it.

  • A. forget

  • B. will have forgotten

  • C.will forget

  • D. forgot

Оноо: 1

The football match was ________. I enjoyed it.

  • A. exciter

  • B. exciting

  • C. excited

  • D. excitedly

Оноо: 1

“I don’t like reptiles.”

  • A. Neither am I

  • B. So do I

  • C. Neither do I

  • D. Me too

Оноо: 1

I was very tired when I arrived home. I _______hard all day.

  • A. have been working

  • B. have worked

  • C. had been working

  • D. has worked

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